Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Unique Background and Perspective on Effective Lawyering:

I am Christopher C. Carr, a Bryn Mawr, PA born, Chester County and Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania attorney with more than 25 years of varied legal and business experience. In addition to being extremely versatile and skilled in many areas of the law, I look at legal matters pragmatically with a view to bringing forth creative legal solutions. My focus is in Partnering with my clients no matter what their problem whether it may be a divorcea complex business matter or abankruptcy to craft practical solutions that meet their goals in the most cost-effective way possible. I've been a long beach personal injury attorney for a long time.
Unlike so many others in my profession, I take a comprehensive and humanistic view of legal matters. I know from long negotiating experience that a "win win" (where both parties walk away with something of value) often is the most cost effective and the most efficient route to a solution. The real trick is to try and figure out what the other side really wants and needs (their so called "minimum acceptable position") and then, armed with that knowledge (often really not much more than an informed guess), drive to maximize my own client's benefit.
Previously I was Corporate Counsel for a Software Developer, negotiating complex multimillion dollar software licenses with financial institutions worldwide. But in 1999, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and take my talents solo, focusing upon providing legal assistance for individuals, families and businesses in Chester County and throughout the Philadelphia area who require expert and yet compassionate assistance with the legal matters that impact their lives, families, financial affairs, employment and businesses.
See my Bio Section for more background info.
I am a Debt Relief Attorney, with experience in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Mortgage Modification, Foreclosure Defense, Debt Settlement, Fair Debt Collection & Debtors Rights, & Credit Repair. I also work in Small Business, IP and Family Law. To see more about what I can do for you in any of these areas please visit my Sitemap.

Should you hire me to assist you with your legal problem, whatever it might be, you will find me to be practical, knowledgeable, dedicated and tireless and most of all highly creative and dogged in the pursuit of justice for my clients.


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