I have  been handling sophisticated matters for corporations and small businesses for more than 20 years.  Yet I am very different from most other attorneys you will find out there. Not only am I experienced very broadly in the law which gives me a more comprehensive view of business matters but more importantly, my unique business and educational background enables a rapid comprehension of complex technological and business trends and concepts, accurate assessments of risks and opportunities open to the entity and formulation of potent strategies to maximise the potential for success.
If you need someone who offers the sophistocation of a Center City Corporate Attorney without the high per billable hour cost and big firm "abundance of caution" then I am the man for you!

Small businesses have much the same needs as do their multibillion dollar counterparts.  Large businesses can afford large fees. However, for a small business the cost of having these legal needs met by the large Philadelphia firms (or their suburban offices) with their excessive per hour costs is often prohibitive. I, as a highly experienced solo practitioner, on the other hand, have low overhead and can produce the same or better results at a far lower cost. I am dedicated to helping small, family-run businesses and startups deal with many different types of legal issues that they may be facing.

I can assist you with the incorporation process and other matters before you even open your doors. I provide guidance during the start-up process, helping clients start their businesses, complete the necessary paperwork. I also work closely with many established and ongoing businesses in their day-to-day dealings and when legal issues arise. I can also assist to help resolve disputes that arise between partners, LLC memebers or shareholders (and can even effectuate a business "divorce" the differences cannot be resolved) or with third parties.

Examples of the many services I offer for small businesses throughout the corporate life cycle include:
  • Structuring contracts with vendors and contractors
  • Reviewing and negotiating government contracts and subcontracts under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and state procurement laws.
  • Incorporations, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and Partnership agreements
  • Employment Matters, including preparation of employee manuals
  • Consulting and employment agreements
  • Structuring Liability Avoidance Programs
  • Intellectual Property Agreements of all types, including software licenses
  • Outsourcing Agrements, US and offshore
  • Intellectual Property Audits 
  • Negotiating Office Lease and Mall Shop agreements
  • Business contract drafting, review and negotiation
  • Forming Business organizations (LLP, LLC, S & C corporations)
  • Business Collections
  • Settling Business Disputes and Business Litigation
  • Business "divorces" and winding up of business affairs

My Philosophy toward small business: I take a comprehensive approach when handling small business matters and pride myself in providing attentive and personalized small business representation. Not only do I look at how the outcome of any matter may affect your immediate situation, but I also take into account how your contractual or business law issue may affect the future of your business. By getting to know my clients, their businesses and their goals, I am better able to assess the possibilities from all sides and actively pursue their matters to a successful conclusion.


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